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(R&E) Domestic Abuse Additional DLUHC Funding Proposals

12/01/2022 - (R&E) Domestic Abuse Additional DLUHC Funding Proposals





Date of Decision:


24 December 2021

Decision Maker:

(Including Job Title)


Paul Woodcock

Strategic Director Regeneration and Environment

Specific Delegation:

(If any)



Brief Description of Decision:



1.    That the Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment, following consultation with the Cabinet Member and local Domestic Abuse Partnership Board, approves the funding options, as detailed in the officer’s report for the current financial year.


2.    That any further underspends will be used to support staffing costs incurred by the Council in order to deliver the Domestic Abuse Act requirements.

Reasons for the Decision:



In order to meet the statutory requirements of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

Details of alternative options considered and rejected:


The Council has considered a range of options to meet the needs of victims and the new duties within the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 however, due to the short timescales relating to the current funding the Council has focussed on initiatives that are deliverable within the timescales. 

Conflicts of interest declared by any Executive Member consulted by the decision maker which relates to the decision:


No conflicts of interest

Dispensations Granted:

(If any)




Reports or parts of reports considered




I certify that this is a true record of the executive decision regarding Domestic Abuse Additional Funding.



Dated: 24 December 2021              

Name: Paul Woodcock                        

Job Title: Strategic Director Regeneration and Environment