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Leisure Centre For Catcliffe/ Brinsworth

We the undersigned In the area adjacent to popular way, near the new housing estate near Sheffield Advanced manufacturing park, near the Morrisons and the once public house "the plough", the residents of Catcliffe and Brinsworth would benefit greatly from a leisure centre. Possible and best area would be Grid reference SK 42160 88086 for residence, as its within walking distance for either edge of Catcliffe- from Orgreave to New Brinsworth road to get to. The added population because of the housing development, the added traffic because of the industry and aerospace would benefit from his council backed health imitative. It would drive commerce to the area where there is a strong residence, offer swimming classes to the neighbouring schools of which Brinsworth has to visit oakwood, and would increase jobs in the area.

I am a Catcliffe resident, and have been all my life, since the age of three, and I would have been more keen on sports and activities of the physical nature if I had a leisure centre within walking distance.

I loved swimming classes at school, but realised we only had them once a term, and it was usually to learn and to never progress. If I wanted to progress I had to do it in my own time and the only swimming centre I knew of was oakwood, and had no inkling to get there. My mum drove but she worked weekends so during the time of comprehensive I had to look after a house, while my mother was at work. If I had the leisure centre I would have been there, locked the house, and been active.

Catcliffe is on the Socio-economical grade of DE, where as the new development grade is higher, if the centre is built in-between the two, the grades can link, jobs can be created and a wealth divide of a very warm, welcoming and humble area can be avoided.

There are plenty of buses that run though Brinsworth and through Catcliffe, if the leisure centre had a bus stop, was set back from the road it wouldn't cause as much additional traffic as it does now, especially with the traffic calming measures implemented around Morrisons roundabout.

I wholeheartedly believe that an investment like this could raise the reputation of Catcliffe, bring more commerce to the area and raise the socio-economic status and wealth of the area by increasing job opportunities, health benefits and all other social benefits.

This ePetition ran from 25/04/2019 to 13/07/2019 and has now finished.

2 people signed this ePetition.