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Traffic Congestion at Hellaby and Bramley on Bawtry Road approaching the J1 of M18

We the undersigned ask RMBC Highways, National Highways and RMBC air quality officers to urgently address the adverse impacts of traffic congestion at Hellaby/Bramley on Bawtry Rd and surrounding local roads approaching J1 of the M18. We ask RMBC to comply with their legal obligations under the Clean Air Strategy, Environment Act 2021, National Planning Policy Framework, and RMBC local policies to prevent the further deterioration of the existing poor air quality, noise levels and degraded natural environment around the approaches to J1 of the M18 at Hellaby/Bramley. Traffic congestion at Hellaby, Bramley and in the surrounding areas causes poor air quality and road traffic noise at levels that breach World Health Organisation guidelines.

The lack of action by RMBC and National Highways to address this has already resulted in long term exposure to levels that are known to have adverse health impacts for people living close to busy roads, particularly along Cumwell Lane and Bawtry Rd A631, affecting Hellaby, Bramley, Thurcroft and Maltby and adjoining local areas, such as Wickersley, Ravenfield and Braithwell. The sheer volume of queuing traffic at peak times on Bawtry Rd and Cumwell Lane leads to road safety issues accessing and leaving the Hellaby residential estate.

Action Needed:
• Urgent action to address an inadequate and underfunded road infrastructure which has created traffic congestion, consequent air quality and noise issues and road safety issues. These measures are long overdue. RMBC should work with National Highways to designate the M18 at Hellaby/Bramley as a Noise Important Area (NIA). And apply for some of the ring-fenced government designated funds specifically for noise reduction measures and highways improvements to protect the health and safety of the communities living alongside this congested part of the strategic road network.
• RMBC should begin urgent Public Consultation with the affected communities and National Highways, leading to concrete Action Plans to future proof the highways serving the M18 to help reduce the existing congestion and the associated poor air quality and traffic noise. This should take place before new approved industrial and housing sites, currently in the pipeline, have been developed. The proposed highway “improvement” to create a right turn on Bawtry Rd East controlled by traffic lights will only add to congestion and queuing on the approach from Maltby. The new developments will bring more and more local traffic onto our roads, in addition to the predicted increases over the next 20 years on the strategic road network. Bawtry Road, M18/M1/A1.
• RMBC should install better air quality monitoring at Hellaby, preferably with continuous analysers as along the M1 corridor, including PM2.5 monitoring to establish the true level at Hellaby rather than using data collected elsewhere where air quality has improved due to measures taken there. The hit and miss recording of Nitrogen Dioxide levels data at Hellaby until recently, and an overreliance on substitute data from other areas around the M1 are not a reliable indicator of the situation at Hellaby for residents living here. Fine Particulates, the most damaging, are not monitored at all. Requests for PM2.5 monitoring have been turned down on the grounds of cost. The Hellaby community is being asked to provide for the employment needs of the surrounding areas, Bramley, Wickersley and Ravenfield Common. Hellaby has had to put up with the adverse impacts of the existing industrial estate, the over concentration of industrial units requiring large fleets of HGVs, multiple local freight depots and the removal of our greenbelt to develop another industrial site directly opposite people’s homes.
• Action is required now to give the Hellaby community and anyone living close to the M18 or close to Bawtry Rd the same protection as other areas of the Borough.

This ePetition ran from 07/06/2022 to 31/08/2022 and has now finished.

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