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A57 pedestrian crossing near Elmwood Farm public house roundabout

We the undersigned petition the council to We would like the council to install a pedestrian crossing located next to the roundabout of the A57 by the Elmwood Farm Public House.

There is an opportunity to make a difference here!

The A57 as you know is a fast flowing commuter route which links Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln. The crossing at Elmwood Farm public house at the roundabout to the paths at Rother Valley is not only dangerous to cross by yourself but is even more challenging with young children and vulnerable people. Dog walkers and cyclists cross here throughout the day to access the country park via using the retail area.

Recently there has been a significant change in the amount of retail development in the area which in turn has generated a large amount of pedestrian activity. Such as the introduction of a public house, Gregg's, Starbucks and new petrol station. People use the retail park via using the paths to access the country park.

This increase in pedestrian usage of the road will have a negative impact on the risk of accidents occurring. Cars are stopping suddenly to let people cross which could increase rear shunts. Cars are also speeding across the roundabout maintaining speed which leaves crossing the road a game of chance.

I propose an installation of a pedestrian crossing as a control measure to reduce the risk of accidents. If this crossing is not installed I'm afraid it's only a matter of time that there will be accidents or loss of life but by then it will be too late.

Change petition in link below:

Since the change petition (currently 1150 signatures), application for crossing, road survey results in acceptance on the list for installing a crossing, due to meeting the councils criteria in 2021. Through correspondence with the council I found that the crossing was 1 in 3 crossings waiting to be allocated funding to be carried out. Fast forward to Feb 2023 and the crossing no longer meets the councils criteria.This needs to be reallocated soon.

During the time for the council to make a decision to allocate funds there has already been an incident (15th Nov 2020) where a member of the public and their dog was knocked over by a car at the exact area where we are trying to get a crossing. They are lucky to be alive today.

This was posted on social media- Facebook in a local group called: (Residents of Aston Manor!) on 15th Nov 2020.

In closing this evidence supplied should be given as a warning to the implications of there not being a crossing in place, there will be injuries and will be deaths if a crossing is not implemented. We need to ensure safe passage for all in our inclusive society. Children, disabled, horse riders, bus commuters, dog walkers, cyclists all cross this fast road at their peril.

Unless a crossing is installed nothing else will mitigate this risk.

This petition ran from 12/03/2023 to 30/06/2023 and has now finished.

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