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Buses from Kimberworth Park to Meadowhall and Parkgate

We the undersigned We would like the Council to work with SYMCA and Sheffield to place more buses from Kimberworth Park to Parkgate and Meadowhall

Many people commute from Rotherham to Sheffield for work. There aren't any buses that go from Kimberworth Park to Meadowhall or Parkgate to pick any of the tram lines that connect to Sheffield.

We are unable to go to work, to go to the shopping mall, to the gym, or to have a coffee as the Kimberworth Park area is completely isolated. We are force to take 2 buses to go to Meadowhall and Parkgate and are at a very short distance.

A 10-minute drive to Meadowhall from Kimberworth Park means walking 15 minutes to take 1 bus to Rotherham Centre and then another bus to Meadowhall, being a total of 55 minutes trip.

We want to be able to go to work and also encourage people to come from Sheffield to Rotherham and that would be only able by improving the bus fleet.

This ePetition runs from 19/04/2023 to 31/01/2024.

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