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Todwick Roundabout improvements

We the undersigned petition the council to take significant improvements to tackle both the safety of the roundabout and to reduce the congestion on Kiveton Lane, Todwick and Todwick Road, Todwick from Dinnington direction.

All users of this stretch of the A57 are aware of the regular accidents and near-misses. Due to the difficulty accessing the roundabout at busy periods, cars frequently have to take a chance and pull out onto the roundabout from Kiveton Lane, Todwick Road and the Red Lion pub.

We acknowledge that RMBC have acknowledged that there are issues with this junction, but have told elected members that it is not a "priority".

We want to ensure that work is undertaken as a matter of priority before there are any other serious accidents at this location.

We want to ensure that the local community and parish councils, including Todwick Parish Council, Dinnington St John's Town Council and Anston Parish Council should all be consulted on any plans drawn up by RMBC to tackle the safety and congestion issues.

Action must be taken now to assess what can be done to make this junction safer, to draw up the necessary plans and then to get the funding in place.

This petition ran from 20/05/2023 to 27/08/2023 and has now finished.

320 people signed this petition.