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Rotherham’s Commitment to a Permanent Ceasefire and To Promote Peace in Palestine and in the Region

We the undersigned petition the council to petition the Council to: 1.Publicly condemn the Israeli Government’s human rights violations. 2.Demand the UK Government call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. 3.Withdraw any associations with the Israeli Government. 4.Prioritise human rights and equality in Rotherham’s international relations, especially for the Palestinian people. 5.Engage in dialogue with residents to develop a strategy for ethical local policies, specifically not to support countries with illegal occupations or companies benefitting from such activities. 6.Consider flag displays that better align with Rotherham communities’ values, promote inclusivity and display the Palestinian flag. 7.Honour its commitment to being an Anti-Racist Town. 8.Recognise that criticism of the Israeli Government does not equate to criticism of Judaism as noted by the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

We, the undersigned residents of Rotherham, call upon the Council to immediately withdraw its displays of support or association with the Israeli Government due to its ongoing and documented human rights violations. The recent association raises concerns about a potential breach of the Council’s Equality Duty, which obligates Rotherham Council to eliminate discrimination, promote equality and foster good relations.
Our collective concerns are rooted in the fundamental principles of humanity, equality and dignity, enshrined in both international law and Rotherham’s Equality Duty under the Equality Act 2010 (UK). Specifically, we are led by our commitment to safeguard, protect and inspire children in Rotherham, Palestine and globally; thereby upholding the values of the Council Priority (Every Child Able to Fulfil Their Potential) and Rotherham Children’s Capital of Culture.

Examples of Human Rights Violations:
- The Israeli Government has killed over 10,000 children in 100 days of conflict (Save the Children).
- The Israeli Government is depriving all Gazans of the basic supplies necessary for survival, such as food and water (UN). 71% of Gaza’s population is experiencing extreme hunger and starvation (Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor).
- The Israeli Government has killed more than 23,000 Palestinians and other nationals in 100 days (Amnesty International): including 300 health workers and 152 UN staff members.
- The Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land are illegal under international law (UN).
- Palestinians suffer under oppressive and discriminatory laws in Israel and occupied Palestinian territories due to the Israeli Government’s racist policies that amount to an apartheid (UN).

Potential Breach of Equality Duty:
Displays of support or association with the Israeli Government, such as symbolic gestures like only flying the Israeli flag, the Council is regarded by the undersigned as potentially:

1. Indirectly condoning or legitimising these human rights violations.
2. The Council’s omission of acts to support the Palestinian residents of Rotherham, whilst supporting the Israeli Government, is differential and discriminatory treatment.
3. The Council is demonstrably failing to uphold its obligations, namely its commitments to human rights and equality, through its inaction.
Specifically, the Duty mandates:

Elimination of discrimination
- Support or association with the Israeli Government's apartheid practices, in any form, coupled with the lack of support for Palestinians directly contradicts this principle.
Promotion of equality
- This is compromised when there are displays of support or association with the Israeli Government, which is currently involved in actions perceived as ethnic cleansing and a genocide, thereby contradicting the fundamental principle of equality.
Promoting good relations between different people
- Promoting positive relations among diverse communities is hindered by displays of support or association with the Israeli Government, involved in systematic apartheid practices and human rights abuses. Such actions contribute to tensions and divisions within our Rotherham communities.

This petition ran from 19/01/2024 to 18/02/2024 and has now finished.

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