Executive post

Leader of the Council


The Leader has responsibility for overall leadership of the Council and representing the borough at a national, regional and sub-regional level. The Leader will take personal responsibility for leading the drive towards corporate improvement, organisational and cultural change, and is responsible for the Council’s governance and ethical framework.


·       Overall leadership of the Council

·       Overall responsibility for ensuring the Council sets and delivers a balanced budget

·       Oversight of the Council’s response to Child Sexual Exploitation

·       Setting Corporate Policy including the Council Plan

·       Reputation Management and corporate communication

·       Corporate Improvement, Innovation and Organisational change

·       To lead on Standards & Governance

·       Overall responsibility for Corporate Governance, including signing the Council’s Annual Governance Statement to confirm the Council has appropriate rules, policies and procedures in place and operating effectively for managing its business

·       To lead the Council’s formal Conciliation and Consultation arrangements

·       Member of the Rotherham Together Partnership Board

·       To lead on City Region activity and devolution, including as member of Sheffield City Region Mayoral Combined Authority

·       Customer Services

·       Community Cohesion

·       Promoting Social Value and Community Wealth Building

Post is held by