Executive post

Cabinet Member - Jobs and the Local Economy


This portfolio has an emphasis on delivering jobs and strengthening the local economy combining, as well as strategic responsibilities around planning.


·             All matters relating to Planning (including the Local Plan), Transportation, Building Regulations and sustainable transport initiatives

·             Economic Development and Regeneration Strategy and Services.

·             The development and Implementation of Economic Regeneration projects including Inward Investment and Business Growth.

·             Town Centres, retail and commercial investment. 

·             Major town centre projects and development.

·             Asset Management (alongside Cllr Wallis – protocol pending)

·             Advising on the Council’s bidding prospectus relating to economic and business growth schemes into City Region and national funding opportunities.  

·             External Affairs relating to business growth and inward investment.

·             Leading on marketing and promotion of the Borough.

·             All matters relating to car parking.



Post is held by