Meeting attendance

Thursday 7 March 2024 5.00 p.m., Health Select Commission

Venue:   Council Chamber - Rotherham Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S60 2TH

Contact:    Governance Team
The webcast can be viewed online:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Taiba Yasseen Chair Present
Councillor Firas Miro Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Jenny Andrews Member Present
Councillor Tim Baum-Dixon Member Present
Councillor Robert Bird Member Absent
Councillor Wendy Cooksey Member Present
Councillor Carole Foster Member Present
Councillor Tony Griffin Member Present
Councillor Nigel Harper Member Present
Councillor Marnie Havard Member Apologies
Councillor Emma Hoddinott Member Present
Councillor Lee Hunter Member Absent
Councillor Eve Rose Keenan Member Apologies
Councillor Jill Thompson Member Absent
Councillor Tracey Wilson Member Apologies
Robert Parkin Co-Optee Absent
David Gill Co-Optee Absent
Kirsty Littlewood Officer Expected
Scott Matthewman Officer Expected