Agenda and minutes

Planning Board - Thursday 8 March 2018 10.30 a.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH

Contact: Debbie Pons, Principal Democratic Services Officer.  The webcast can be viewed at

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Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 172 KB

(A form is attached and spares will be available at the meeting)


Councillor Walsh declared a personal interest in application RB20171577 on the grounds of being a member of the Energy Institute.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Resolved:- That the minutes of the previous meeting of the Planning Regulatory Board held on Thursday, 15th February, 2018, be approved as a correct record for signature by the Chairman.


Deferments/Site Visits pdf icon PDF 53 KB


There were no deferments or site visits recommended.


Development Proposals pdf icon PDF 1 MB


Resolved:- (1) That, on the development proposals now considered, the requisite notices be issued and be made available on the Council’s website and that the time limits specified in Sections 91 and 92 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 apply.


In accordance with the right to speak procedure, the following people attended the meeting and spoke about the following applications:-


-              Construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobilisation of drilling, ancillary equipment and contractor welfare facilities to drill and pressure transient test a vertical hydrocarbon exploratory core well and mobilisation of workover rig, listening well operations, and retention of the site and wellhead assembly gear for a temporary period of 5 years at land adjacent Dinnington Road Woodsetts for INEOS Upstream Limited (RB2017/1577)


Mr. Tom Pickering and Mr. Matthew Shepherd (Applicant)

Mr. Richard Scholey, Ms. Christine Burton, Mr. Barry Cartwright, Ms. Kelly Jennings and Ms. Sue Gildersleve (Woodsetts Against Fracking Action Group)

Councillor Clive Jepson, Ward Councillor, Anston and Woodsetts/Anston Parish Council (Objector)

Mr. Martin Ladbrook, Letwell Parish Council (Objector)

Ms. Wendy Hamilton, Firbeck Parish Council (Objector)

Ms. Monica Carroll, Woodsetts Parish Council (Objector)

Mr. Andy Tickle, C.P.R.E. (Objector)

Mr. Gary Pickering, Resident (Objector)

Mr. Adrian Knight, Resident (Objector)

Mr. Nigel Butler, Resident (Objector)

Mr. Kenneth Goodall, Resident (Objector

Councillor Yasseen, Chair of the Parish Council Network (Objector)


(2)  That application RB2017/1577 be refused for the reason contained within the submitted report along with a further reason for refusal relating to highway safety and the conflict with other road users.  The Assistant Director, Planning, Regeneration and Transport, in consultation with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Planning Board, to be authorised to determine the wording for the additional reason for refusal.


(3)  That application RB2017/1840 be granted for the reasons adopted by Members at the meeting and subject to the relevant conditions listed in the submitted report, but with an additional condition/reason below relating to the list of approved plans:-


The permission hereby granted shall relate to the area shown outlined in red on the approved site plan and the development shall only take place in accordance with the submitted details and specifications as shown on the approved plans (as set out below)


Revised Site Plan (received 1 March 2018)

PL001 House Type 1 (Received 7 March 2018)

PL001 House Type 2 (Received 7 March 2018)

PL001 House Type 3 (Received 7 March 2018)

PL001 House Type 4 (Received 7 March 2018)

PL001 Flat Block A (Received 7 March 2018)

PL001 Flat Block B (Received 7 March 2018)

PL002 Flat Block A (Received 7 March 2018)

PL002 Flat Block B (Received 7 March 2018)


Surface Treatment Plan (Received 19 December 2017)

Boundary Treatment Plan (Received 19 December 2017)

Boundary Treatment Detail (Received 19 December 2017)


Reason - To define the permission and for the avoidance of doubt.




There was no update information to report.


Date of next meeting


Resolved:-  That the next meeting of the Planning Board take place on Thursday, 29th March, 2018 at 9.00 a.m.