Draft minutes

Parish Liaison - Thursday 17 April 2008 4.00 p.m.

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Orgreave Reclamation Site, Waverley


The Chairman welcomed everyone to this Parish Liaison meeting, which had been called to consider concerns by Catcliffe Parish Council on the way consultation was taking place and that comments were not being taken on board by Atisreal on the proposals for redevelopment on the Orgreave Reclamation site at Waverley.


Representatives of the Parish Council outlined their concerns relating to:-


·              The new Liaison Group, its formation and membership.

·              Involvement of Council officers and the Area Assembly in the Liaison Group.

·              Public meetings and consultation.

·              Reference to assumed planning permission.


The Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services pointed out, in terms of consultation what was the developer’s responsibility and what was the Directorate’s statutory duty.


The Action Planning Manager confirmed that regular meetings were taking place with Atisreal and, indeed, it would be their responsibility to develop consultation and community involvement.  Artisreal had, in fact, approached the Local Planning Authority for direction in who to contact regarding the setting up of a consultation Liaison Group, whose function would be to consult, receive information and feed this back.  Various names were provided by Forward Planning to assist in this process.


A meeting was being held with Atisreal tomorrow (Friday) and the comments raised today would be discussed.


Councillor Littleboy, Brinsworth and Catcliffe Ward Member, was in receipt of some document that had been circulated by Atisreal, which requested feedback, amendments or corrections to ensure all parties’ comments were included.  The document also referred to the setting up of a Liaison Group, which should have included some of the representatives put forward by the Council and UK Coal.


It was important that Catcliffe, Treeton and Orgreave were represented and some thought needed to be put into consultation events to ensure people could attend.  At event in Treeton a few weeks ago was arranged for 11.00 a.m. when many people had other commitments.


The Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services confirmed that a planning application had not yet been received.  He was unable to comment on the feedback that had been suggested.  It was important, however, to put all views to Artisreal to alleviate some of the community’s concerns.


Catcliffe Parish Council expressed their concern at the apparent involvement of some Area Assembly Officers in the facilitating of the Liaison Group and the selection process, rather than Artisreal facilitating the meetings themselves.


Discussion ensued on the lack of any Ward Members on the Liaison Group, the lack of consultation in Catcliffe and the proposals for a new settlement at Waverley rather than integration and regeneration of existing areas.


The Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services, to assist, recommended that Atisreal would be advised that, subject to planning permission, the Liaison Group should monitor the ongoing development on the Waverley site and that the process taking place currently should be purely for consultation purposes only.


Representatives from Catcliffe Parish Council reiterated their concerns about the consultation process and how people could put forward their comments.  They were informed  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.