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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham. S60 2TH

Contact: Dawn Mitchell, Senior Democratic Services Officer 

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 81 KB


The CCG Representative confirmed that, in relation to 309 (Budget Analysis across all agencies), the CCG had provided the financial information relating to the total spend that supported the Children and Young People’s Plan. 


Resolved:-  That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 19th November, 2014, be approved as a correct record.


Issues and Concerns


Nothing was raised under this item. 


Foundation Years' Service - Best Start Strategy pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Frances Hunt to present

Additional documents:


Frances Hunt, Assistant Head of School Effectiveness of Early Years and Child Care Services, submitted a report on the development work that had taken place and the progress made towards improved multi-agency partnership working for better outcomes for the most disadvantaged children and young people in the Borough. 


In the context of the significant restructuring of the 22 Children Centres across Rotherham, there would be a reduction of the number of designated Children’s Centres whilst increasing the size of each remaining Centre.


In order to meet the challenge, work had started in March, 2014, to plan and develop an improved and sharper integrated multi-agency partnership working arrangement with a particular focus on Health with Children’s Centres at the hub of each locality.  It was initially through the concept of a Foundation Years’ Service which had now evolved into an integrated Best Start Partnership Strategy.  It was intended that this would be effective from 1st April, 2015, and would coincide with the restructuring of the Children’s Centres. 


A short term aim of the ‘Best Start’ Strategy was that the following would be in place and implemented to support increased and improved integrated partnership working for the benefit of improving outcomes for children and families:-


·         Agreed data sharing information and reporting protocols between Health, Adult/Family Learning, DWP/Job Centre Plus, Troubled Families, Local Authority Performance and Management Team and Children’s Centres;

·         An integrated Children’s Centre leadership team model including representation from Health and Troubled Families as well as the Head of Centre and lead Family Support Worker;

·         An agreed mapped core universal Health Service offer including Health workforce in each locality/Children’s Centre reach area.


The principles of the Best Start Partnership were set out in the report submitted together with the tasks completed so far.


The Assistant Head of the School Effectiveness Service outlined that, of the ten Children’s Centres that were due to close and be de-registered, all of the Headteachers of the linked primary schools were taking over the buildings and the provision of some elements of Early Childhood Services would continue.  This was a positive step and should be promoted within communities. 


An overview of the work that had been undertaken towards achieving partnership working was provided: -


·         April, 2014 event ran by Public Health, Midwifery Services and the Local Authority’s Early Years and Childcare Services to ‘sign-up’ key partners;

·         Agreed data sharing protocol, particularly including health;

·         New way of having an integrated leadership model – incorporating education, Family Support Workers, senior health and troubled families to create a universal health offer -  mapping of reach;

·         Pre-conception to 5 - an ‘Early Help’ offer;

·         Best Start Strategic Group had been operating since May, 2014;

·         Three Best Start Task Groups had been created to focus on driving the agreed actions for development work to allow the expected outcomes to be achieved by April, 2015.  Representation from the Children’s Centres, Health, Voluntary and Community Sector, Human Resources and Performance Management staff.  Job descriptions were being analysed for an integrated leadership  ...  view the full minutes text for item 323.


Children and Young People's Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Sue Wilson to present


Sue Wilson, Performance and Quality Manager, presented the 3rd monitoring report setting out the original 6 priorities and the progress made against them in the last 6 months.


The following areas were highlighted:-


Priority 1:  We will ensure children have the best start in life


·         Increasing number of children in Reception and Year 6 who were overweight or obese of those children measured – both saw an increase from the previous year and were higher than Yorkshire and Humber and National comparators;

·         There was an increase in the uptake of school meals, 21,500 per day, compared to 18,000 in November, 2014;

·         Work to progress midwives in Rotherham consistently and accurately assessing levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy by the use of the screening tool, Audit C, had been delayed due to the late start of the alcohol project in the hospital.  The Interim Strategic Director invited Dr. D. Clitherow to join the Strategic Group. 


Priority 2: We will engage with parents and families


·         Ofsted Inspectors found that the voices and experiences of the most vulnerable children were not routinely heard in Rotherham and that their views, wishes and feelings were not always taken into account when planning services – work was already under way to address this;

·         Rotherham Charter – led by the Parents’ Forum – was a good example of core production;

·         ‘Young Inspectors’ – quality assurance and inspection activity were providing real added value to the Service.  The Special School Representative confirmed that she knew young people who would be able to perform this role within her own School.    


The Interim Strategic Director for Children and Young People’s Services Directorate spoke about a review he was commissioning in relation to permanently excluded young people to ensure that they were receiving appropriate support so they did not become disenfranchised or disengaged. 


Priority 3: We will reduce harm to children and young people who are exposed to domestic abuse, alcohol/substance misuse and neglect


·         In relation to Adult Substance Misuse Services it was important to ensure that appropriate Safeguarding checks were undertaken – the most recent adults completed had shown a slight decrease in performance highlighting a slight downshift since the original audit in 2012;

·         Linkages between Adult Safeguarding, including whether appropriate checks had been undertaken.  This needed to be taken forward via the Health and Wellbeing Board;   

·         Substance misuse scenario – Know the Score;

·         Expect Respect – relationships and domestic abuse information for primary school-aged children. 


Priority 4: We will work with partners to eradicate child sexual exploitation


·         Work continues and meetings had been arranged with the Crown Prosecution Services to increase their understanding and awareness of CSE;

·         The Multi-Agency Support Hub was bringing partners together through co-location;

·         A conference for over 100 delegates from the voluntary and community sectors on identification of what individual organisations could do collectively to support the CSE agenda in Rotherham;

·         557 young people had taken part in training and awareness sessions. 


The Interim Strategic Director for Children and Young People’s Services Directorate spoke  ...  view the full minutes text for item 324.


Emergency Hormonal Contraception Update pdf icon PDF 263 KB

Gill Harrison, Public Health


Richard Hart, Public Health, presented a report on the proposed expansion of the Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) Sexual Health Services commissioned from community pharmacies across Rotherham and the development of care pathways and safeguarding reporting mechanisms for all young people accessing the services.


The current Public Health Services contract (from April, 2013) in relation to Emergency Hormonal Contraception with pharmacists operating in Rotherham specified that they provide the service, free of charge, to females aged 16 years and over.  This was an alternative choice of provision within the community to that which was offered by General Practitioners, Outreach Nurses and the Rotherham Integrated Sexual Health Service.


It was acknowledged that by an expansion of the existing Service to 14-16 year old females, providers needed to be especially vigilant in relation to any Safeguarding issues that may arise, especially concerns around the possibility of Child Sexual Exploitation.  It was acknowledged that there were also specific Safeguarding issues in relation to this vulnerable group of young women which needed to be taken into consideration.  Any pharmacist supplying EHC to a young woman aged 14-15 years of age would automatically refer through to the Rotherham Integrated Youth Service where support, appropriate referral and a further risk assessment would be carried out.


The proposal to extend the provision of EHC at pharmacies had been considered by the Local Pharmaceutical Committee who had agreed in principle to the necessary variations to the local contract.  The variation would include the necessity for all participating pharmacists to have successfully completed the Council’s online training package on CSE and sexual abuse.


Discussion ensued with the following issues raised/clarified:-


·         The Acting Chief Inspector asked about the timescales for training – Richard Hart explained that the scheme would be active from this month and the training package was completed on-line;

·         The Acting Chief Inspector asked about referrals to the IYSS.  Did this include referral to PPUs for vulnerable people?  The Director for Universal and Targeted Services confirmed that assessment for possible signs of exploitation would be included in the protocol;

·         The Operational Commissioner asked about protocols for cases where young women wished to remain anonymous.  Would this be allowed?


Resolved: -  That the report be received and the update against the progress made to date on the expansion of the Emergency Hormonal Contraception Sexual Health Services be noted. 


CSE Update

Jane Parfrement to report


Jane Parfrement, Director of Safeguarding and Disability Services provided a verbal update on issues relating to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in the Borough. 


·         The  15 Jay Report recommendations;

·         Ofsted had made a number of recommendations nationally.  


The CSE Sub-Group of the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Children Board was charged with monitoring progress against the recommendations.  Overall, the action plan was unwieldy and a refresh was required.  Similar recommendations would be combined to avoid duplication.  The refreshed action plan would highlight a clear set of priority actions. 


Freedom of Information requests had been received asking for progress made against the 15 Jay recommendations.


Support for victims and survivors of CSE was a key area.  Ongoing needs analysis by Public Health and Partners was taking place on demand, profile, and the services needed.  £120,000 of immediate funding had been made available and had been given to voluntary and community sector agencies.  A partnership helpline had been established, an additional post created within the Rotherham Integrated Youth Support Service to signpost to services and additional capacity had been created in teams. 


The Central Government had announced a national fund of £7m for victims and survivors of CSE and sexual abuse areas that had experienced at least a 15% increase in reporting. 


It was recognised that a more robust Children’s Services as a whole and more robust partnership arrangements were required to help those who were vulnerable and in need of protection.  Therefore, actions had been undertaken to strengthen Children and Young People’s Services: -


·         Changes within the senior management team of CYPS;

·         Key appointments had been made on an interim basis;

·         A restructure was under consultation;

·         Increased number of staff co-located to work towards a fully operational Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH);

·         Leadership arrangements to take forward the MASH implementation had been confirmed;

·         Creation of a CSE Lead post in the Local Authority. 


Discussion followed and the following areas were covered: -


·         The Acting Chief Inspector spoke about the Police and Crime Commissioner’s commitment to further resources for the PPU; numbers of personnel would increase.  Ten years ago one officer covered this role as part of their job, now there were 60+ members of staff for Rotherham;

·         The Acting Chief Inspector outlined the ongoing Operations in respect of historical and current cases of CSE.  The investigations were still at the victim stage, there was a long road ahead;

·         The National Crime Agency was due to look at historical cases of CSE including cases where information files were missing.  They were currently developing a Terms of Reference;

·         There were Focus Groups for survivors and victims’ needs assessments, including support to victims to give their evidence safely and credibly and to support them through a court process;

·         The Voluntary Sector Co-ordinator asked whether key messages were going to be given out?: -  The Director for Safeguarding and Disability Services had spent time with Journalists from the Rotherham Advertiser providing updates, which had not been published at the time of the meeting.  Newsletters were  ...  view the full minutes text for item 326.


Youth Cabinet pdf icon PDF 721 KB

Minutes of meeting held on 20th November, 2014


Nothing was raised under this item. 


Any Other Business


The Director for Commissioning and Performance (CYPS) requested an agenda item on the next meeting agenda on young inspectors to increase awareness amongst the Children, Young People and Families’ Partnership. 


The Interim Strategic Director wished to place on record the thanks of the Partnership to Dorothy Smith on retiring from her post of Director of Schools and Lifelong Learning, Children and Young People’s Services Directorate, following almost five years in the role.  All wished her well for the future and a long and happy retirement.


Resolved: -  That the information shared be noted.   


Date of Future Meetings

18th March, 2015


27th May


15th July


All meetings will commence at 2.00 p.m. in the Town Hall


Resolved: -  (1)  That the next meeting of the Children, Young People and Families’ Partnership take place on Wednesday 18th March, 2015, to start at 2.00 p.m. in the Rotherham Town Hall. 


(2)  That future meetings take place on: -


·         27th May, 2015;

·         15th July, 2015.


All meetings will commence at 2.00 p.m. in the Rotherham Town Hall.