Agenda and minutes

Health Select Commission - Thursday 11 April 2019 10.00 a.m.

Venue: Town Hall, Moorgate Street, Rotherham S60 2TH

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Minutes of meeting held on 28th February, 2019 pdf icon PDF 140 KB


Consideration was given to the minutes of the previous meeting of the Health Select Commission held on 28th February, 2019.


Resolved:-  That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 28th February, 2019, be approved as a correct record.


Arising from Minute No. 72 (Integrated Place Plan), it was noted that a response was awaited on one query which would be circulated when received.


Arising from Minute No. 73 (CQC Inspection of The Rotherham Hospital Trust) (TRFT), it was noted that the Safe and Sound framework was to be discussed at the Quality Sub-Group on 12th April.


With regard to feedback on the delivery of the action plan, it had been agreed that a report would be submitted to the September meeting of the Select Commission after all the actions relating to the UECC had been completed.  However, due to the Commission meeting on 5th September, the Chair proposed that it be submitted to the October meeting.


The CQC had fully accepted the action plan developed by TRFT in response to the re-inspection with no amendments.  This was quite unusual and, therefore, provided some reassurance that the Trust had captured all the actions required to make improvements following the findings.


The presentation on the workforce mix and Nursing Associates would be submitted to the October meeting.


Arising from Minute No. 77 (Health and Wellbeing Board), it was noted that Councillor Roche had circulated responses to Select Commission Member questions.




Information Pack

Contained within the information pack were the notes from the ASCOF Sub-Group, quarterly briefing with health partners together with the slides from the recent NHS Long Term Plan Members Seminar.


Quality Account Sub-Group Meetings

TRFT              12th April

YAS                16th April

RDaSH          17th April


Improving Lives Select Commission

Councillor Jarvis provided details of the issues discussed at the recent Improving Lives Select Commission meeting which included:- 


-          Feedback from Barnardos regarding the multi-agency project that they had been working on

-          Early Help Strategy Phases 2 and 3

-          Ofsted Annual Conversation

-          Looked After Children/Sufficiency Strategy

-          Feedback on the Peer Review of Looked After Children Services


Intermediate Care and Re-ablement Project pdf icon PDF 438 KB

Anne Marie Lubanski, Strategic Director Adult Care, Housing and Public Health


Councillor Roche, Cabinet Member, Adult Social Care and Health, stated that Intermediate Care and Re-ablement were a key, essential feature of the vision and way forward as they related to independence, choice and living at home.  Re-ablement would be the prime vehicle for moving forward with the approach to localities as it was felt to be the most effective way for services and people.  He introduced Anne Marie Lubanski, Strategic Director Adult Care, Housing and Public Health, and Chris Holt, Deputy Chief Executive TRFT, who gave the following powerpoint presentation on the development of the Intermediate Care and Reablement Outline Business Case:-


What do we mean by Intermediate Care and Reablement – Health and Social Care Services Providing:-

-          Fast Response

Where there was an urgent increase in Health or Social Care needs which could be safely supported at home

Typically 48 hours but may be up to 7 days

-          Home-based Intermediate Care

Including therapies, nursing, equipment and Social Care to support rehabilitation and recovery

-          Bed-based Intermediate Care

Where needs wee greater than could be delivered at home but consultant-led care was not needed

-          Reablement

To help with learning/re-learning skills for every day living, delivered at home


Why Change?

-          People have told us

They would like to be at home wherever possible

They would like to regain their independence

Current services were disjointed and could be hard to navigate

-          Care Quality

Evidence shows people did better at home

We know that a large number of people received care in a community bed when they could have gone home with the right support

Rotherham had significantly more community beds than other similar areas

Current services were focussed on older people and their physical needs

Through changing the way we worked, more people were going home and our community beds were not fully utilised


Current Services

-          Community-based Services

Integrated Rapid Response (TRFT)

Community Locality Therapy – urgent (TRFT)

Independent and Active at Home Team (TRFT and RMBC)

Reablement (RMBC)

-          Bed-based Services

Intermediate care at Davies Court and Lordy Hardy Court (RMBC and TRFT)

Oakwood Community Unit (TRFT)

Waterside Grange (Independent Sector)

-          Services currently provided by a range of teams and bed-based sites

-          In addition, several teams of Social Workers and therapists working into the bed-based provision

-          People moved through multiple services rather than an integrated pathway

-          Significant duplication and some capacity issues in a number of services


Project Aim

-          Referrals

-          Co-ordination

-          Integrated Intermediate Care and Reablement Service

Pathway 1:  Integrated Urgent Response

Pathway 2: Integrated Home-based Rehab/Reablement

Pathway 3: Integrated Bed-based Rehab/Reablement

-          To simplify current provision to provide an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to support individual needs across Health and Social Care

-          To re-align resource to increase support at home, reducing reliance on bed-based care


Future Services

Community-based Pathways

Bed-based Pathway

1. Urgent response (integrated team)


3.  Community bed-base – rehabilitation and reablement without nursing (integrated team)


2.  Home-based reablement and rehabilitation (integrated team)

3.  Community bed-base  ...  view the full minutes text for item 83.


My Front Door - Update pdf icon PDF 440 KB

Anne Marie Lubanski, Strategic Director Adult Care, Housing and Public Health


Councillor Roche, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, reported that the project was now on track to meet the timetable including assessments.  This was despite a lack of capacity at times due to difficulties of filling some vacancies and needing to move staff into other work areas.  The key was the impact on people in real life and the case studies were now showing some examples.  It was hoped to hold an All Member Seminar on the lessons learnt so far and what the next steps were.


He introduced Anne Marie Lubanski, Strategic Director Adult Care, Housing and Public Health, and Jenny Anderton, Transformation Lead, who gave the following powerpoint presentation on My Front Door:-


My Front Door

-          Was the vehicle for communication and engagement with all our key stakeholders

-          Built on the Learning Disability Strategy and Adult Social Care Vision ensuring the information was accessible and relatable to individual, carers and families

-          Supported potential providers to “buy into” our Learning Disability Transformation Programme by pitching their services in real-life ways

-          Was our personalised approach to our Learning Disability Transformation Programme moving hearts and minds towards a positive future

-          Ensured person-centred planning and enabled our practitioners to engage with people in a new and different way

-          Created a narrative that changed all our thinking from a focus on decommissioning services to a focus on the real alternatives and opportunities available for individuals

-          Would have engagement activities that were co-produced with individuals and would enable further consultation on new opportunities



-          Assessments

-          Commissioned Solutions

-          Carers Support

-          Accommodation

-          Community Catalyst

-          Shared Lives

-          Transforming Care

-          Communications and Engagement

-          Health


The MFD Team

-          The initial staffing agreement for My Front Door Team was 10 full-time assessing staff plus 2 Workers from Oaks

-          7.8 FTE from 1st April, 2019

-          Recruitment was underway with interviews planned

-          Team average caseload was 17.52



-          Employment Co-ordinators were facilitating a number of people to access different types of employment/job-based support

10 people were accessing voluntary opportunities (organisations included St. Vincent’s, Salvation Army, RSPB, Barnardo’s)

19 people were accessing work experience (organisation included RMBC, BA components, Costa, Pound Land, Riverside Café, Mears, Life Wise)

23 people were accessing paid work (organisation/employers included dog walking, Premier Inn, Asda, RMBC, Partech, McDonalds, Broad Horizons)

6 people were paid by BA components

A piece of work was taking place to validate figures and develop a Project Search offer with the schools and colleges

There had been a successful bid into European Social Fund which would help us to expand the employment offer


Discussion ensued with the following issues raised/clarified:-


·           Voluntary Action Rotherham (VAR) had been really helpful working with the enterprises with regard to developing business models and working with them in partnership


·           The work was ongoing about changing the ways of working


·           The contract had not changed with VAR as there was no need.  What they did within  ...  view the full minutes text for item 84.


Implementation of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-25 - Update pdf icon PDF 71 KB

Councillor Roche, Cabinet Member for Social Care and Health

Additional documents:


Councillor Roche, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, reported that the Health and Wellbeing Strategy was a living document and was a Rotherham success story.


The Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Board was recognised by the Local Government Association as one of the 10 best Boards in the country and been part of a case study last year.  Rotherham had been asked to take part again this year.  A presentation had been made recently at a conference in London by Inside Government on Rotherham’s journey.


Rotherham was one of the few that had taken on board including the Place Plan under the remit of the Health and Wellbeing Board which allowed accountability.  It had also added loneliness to its Aims in 2018 and recently added Addictive Gambling to Aim 4.


The Strategy and Place Plan would need to be refreshed to take account of the NHS 10 Year Plan once the detail was known.


Terri Roche, Director of Public Health, and Becky Woolley, Policy and Partnerships Officer, gave the following powerpoint presentation:-


Health and Wellbeing Strategy

-          Aim 1

All children get the best start in life and go on to achieve their full potential

Sponsors:-  Jon Stonehouse (RMBC) and Dr. Jason Page (RCCG)

-          Aim 2

All Rotherham people enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing and have a good quality of live

Sponsor:  Kathryn Singh (RDaSH)

-          Aim 3

All Rotherham people live well or longer

Sponsors:  Sharon Kemp (RMBC) and Louise Barnett (TRFT)

-          Aim 4

All Rotherham people live in healthy, safe and resilient communities

Sponsors:  Steve Chapman (SYP) and Paul Woodcock (RMBC)


Aim 1:  All children get the best start in life

Key progress has included:-

-          New weight management service for children and young people currently being finalised which will be delivered by the 0-19 Service and aligned closely with the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) (links also to Healthy Weight for All Plan in Aim 3)

-          Implementation of Phase Two and Phase Three of the Early Help Strategy

-          The development of a Smoking in Pregnancy Pathway

-          Enhancing the use of evidence-based programmes to reduce health and wellbeing inequalities such as sleep programmes, introducing solid foods, Talking Tables, Baby Box University and Bookstart

-          Ensuring the effective implementation of the ‘Rotherham Family Approach’ (Signs of Safety, Restorative Approaches and Social pedagogy) across the wider Children’s workforce

-          The development of a Draft SEND Sufficiency Strategy

-          Supporting young people to be ready for the world of work through a number of programmes – achieved the combined 2018/19 NEET/Not Known Target: 5.8%


Aim 2:  All Rotherham people enjoy the best possible mental health and wellbeing and have a good quality of live

Key progress has included:

-          The rollout of the Five Ways to Wellbeing campaign across the partnership

-          Promotion of workplace wellbeing, including through the launch of the South Yorkshire Workplace Wellbeing Award

-          The CORE 24 (Mental Health and Liaison Service) went live from  ...  view the full minutes text for item 85.


Outcomes from Joint Scrutiny Workshop - Transition from Children's to Adult Services pdf icon PDF 117 KB

Councillor Evans, Chair, to present


Councillor Evans, Chair, presented the outcomes of a workshop held by members of the Health Select Commission and the Improving Lives Select Commission on 19th March, 2019.


The purpose of the workshop was to seek assurance that young people and their families/carers would have a positive transition from Children’s to Adult Services, through clear pathways and a strength based approach that sought to maximise independence and inclusion.


Evidence comprised of briefing papers, case studies, a presentation and the refreshed draft Education, Health and Care Plan.


Membership of the sub-group included Councillors Evans (Chair), Cusworth, Elliot, Jarvis, Keenan and Short.


The findings were set out in the report and fell within the following headings:-


-          Understanding the cohort – numbers and main presenting needs of the children and young people

-          Strategic alignment

-          Voice and influence

-          Shared approach to assessment and strength-based practice

-          Demonstrating outcomes – short and long term


It was noted that the follow-up actions for scrutiny outlined in Section 10 would be considered in the work programme for the new municipal year.


Resolved:-  That the report be noted and the following recommendations be forwarded for consideration:-


(1)  That the PfA (Preparing for Adulthood) Board develop a range of outcome measures during 2019-20 to supplement output measures such as the number of EHCPs completed in time in order to:


-          Understand the impact of the new pathway

-          Capture achievement of individual aspirations in EHCPs and in the longer term


(2)  That the PfA Board develop measures of satisfaction during 2019-20 for young people and families/carers with regard to the transition/PfA process and new pathways.


(3)  That quality assurance processes are in place to monitor the consistency and quality of EHCPs when the new template is introduced.


(4)  That Adult Social Care continue to develop its Information, Advice and Guidance offer in 2019-20 for all customer cohorts including young people transitioning from Children and Young People’s Services and for people aged 25 who may face a second phase of transition.


(5)  That training and workforce development continues to embed taking a strengths-based approach fully with staff across Children and Young People’s Services and Adult Care, Housing and Public Health, and with health partners.


(6)  That representatives from the PfA Board, including Rotherham Parent Carers Forum, provide Scrutiny with a further progress update during 2019-20.


Health Select Commission Work Programme pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Adviser, to present


Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, gave the following powerpoint presentation on the suggested 2019-20 Work Programme for the Select Commission.


Recap from 2018-19 of longer term issues

-          Rotherham Integrated Health and Social Care Place Plan

-          Adult Social Care (development/performance)

-          Mental Health (especially child and adolescent)

-          Quality Improvement – NHS Trusts

-          Joint Health Scrutiny – NHS Transformation


Long term issues for 2019-20

-          Adult Social Care (development/performance)

·           ASCOF measures

·           Enablement

·           Carers’ Strategy implementation

·           Information, Advice and Guidance

·           Delegated from OSMB for ongoing scrutiny

              Learning Disability

              Intermediate Care

             right sizing” care packages

              Home care

              Target Operating Model

-          Rotherham Integrated Care Place Plan

·           Ongoing monitoring

·           Performance reports (light touch)

·           Integrated locality implementation?

·           Maternity?

-          Mental Health and Wellbeing

·           Trailblazer project

·           Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

·           Social and Emotional Mental Health Strategy?

-          Joint Scrutiny – NHS Transformation

·           Implementation of service changes

Children’s Surgery and Anaesthesia

Hyper Acute Stroke

·           Hospital Services Programme – 5 specialties

·           South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw response to NHS long-term plan


Carried forward from 2018-19

-          Autism Strategy

-          Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm Action Plan

-          The Rotherham Foundation Trust – CQC inspection action plan progress

-          Joint Strategic Needs Assessment refresh update

-          Quality Reports NHS providers (annual x 3)

-          Rotherham Community Health Centre


Coming up in June-July

-          Sexual Health Strategy

-          Director of Public Health Annual Report

-          Drug and Alcohol Service Update

-          Response to Care Homes Workshop

-          Review of Respiratory Services

-          Primary Care – new guidance/GP contract


In light of the discussion earlier in the agenda, it was suggested that Gaming/Gambling be also included in the work programme.


Resolved:-  (1)  That the proposed 2019/20 Work Programme be noted.


(2)  That any suggested items for inclusion be forwarded to Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer.


Healthwatch Rotherham


Tony Clabby, Healthwatch Rotherham, reported on the following:-


Maternity Services

Healthwatch Rotherham had recently picked up a cluster of 8 complaints around Maternity and Gynaecology Services in Rotherham.  All were very different complaints and all were proceeding through the Complaints Procedure.  Feedback would be submitted in due course.


It was queried whether Maternity and Better Births could be given higher priority from that presently stated on the draft work programme given the complaints received.  It was noted that liaison was taking place with the CCG on the draft maternity plan.


NHS 10 Year Plan

Healthwatch Rotherham had been requested to carry out engagement work on this matter which included the sharing of an online survey with Rotherham residents.  The link would be sent to Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, to forward to members.


Autism Strategy

Tony was a member of the Autism Partnership Board.  The Strategy was ready but was missing the “how and who” with work was taking place on this aspect.


Access to GP Surgeries

Given the discussion at the previous meeting, it was queried whether access had been raised as a concern with Healthwatch.


Tony agreed to provide the data that Healthwatch had on this matter.


South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Wakefield Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee Update


Janet Spurling, Scrutiny Officer, reported on the meeting held on 19th March where the following updates had been provided:-


-          South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS governance arrangements

-          Transformation and progress on hosted network development under the Hospital Services Programme

-          NHS Long Term Plan and developing the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw response


Members had requested:-


-          Further work on myth busting around the ICS and how it worked so that it was clearer to the public

-          More detail on the communication and engagement plan for the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw NHS Long Term Plan and then details of the engagement undertaken and emergent themes

-          A future item on resources and capacity in the voluntary and community to deliver work on prevention.


Health and Wellbeing Board pdf icon PDF 171 KB


Consideration was given to the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 20th March, 2019.


Resolved:-  That the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 20th March, 2019, be noted.


Date and time of next meeting

Thursday,      13th June, 2019


                        11th July


                        5th September


                        17th October


                        28th November


                        9th January, 2020


                        20th February


                        26th March


commencing at 10.00 a.m.


Resolved:-  That meetings of the Health Select Commission be held during 2019/20 as follows:-


Thursday,      13th June, 2019

                        11th July

                        5th September

                        17th October

                        28th November

                        9th January, 2020

                        20th February

                        26th March


all commencing at 10.00 a.m.