Executive post

Cabinet Member - Corporate Services, Community Safety and Finance


This portfolio is concerned with ensuring that residents and employees are treated fairly and with dignity. As such it has an overview the proper and efficient working of the council and its processes, and with key elements of the Community Safety agenda. The postholder is expected to lead on the ambition to secure “Excellent” accreditation under the Equality Framework for Local Government. Specific responsibilities are:


·       To lead on Emergency Planning issues

·       To lead on day to day working of financial activity (including Revenues and Benefits), and to support the Leader in development of the Budget and Capital Strategy

·       Human resources strategies, policies and procedures

·       To lead on the Corporate Performance Management arrangements

·       To lead on ICT, particularly on new ways of working ? To lead on Internal Audit and Risk Management

·       To be responsible for corporate Commissioning and Procurement strategies and implementation (including Social Value)

·       To lead on Health, Safety and Equalities at Work ? Community Safety, Crime Reduction and Anti-Social Behaviour Strategies ? Chair of the Safer Rotherham Partnership

·       All matters relating to the Channel Duty

·       All matters relating to the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (including “Protect” and “Prepare”)

·       All matters relating to the deployment of portable CCTV

·       To lead on all matters relating to Legal and Registrar services

           Cemeteries, crematorium and mortuary services, including the Dignity


Post is held by