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Officer decisions

Officers exercise delegated decision making powers in respect of both non-executive and executive functions of the Council.

The present Scheme of Delegation from the Leader of the Council, which sets out how executive functions will be discharged, provides for delegated decision making by officers. Appendix 9 of the Constitution sets out the non-executive functions delegated to officers. All executive functions, other than those reserved by Cabinet, may be discharged by officers.

The Chief Executive and Strategic Directors of the Council have established their own sub-schemes of delegation detailing which and how both non-executive and executive functions will be discharged on behalf of the authority.

Decision records for the discharge of functions by officers are published below. These decision records set out the following information:-

  • Date of the decision.
  • Decision maker name and job title.
  • Specific delegated power (if any).
  • Brief description of the decision.
  • Reasons for the decision.
  • Details of alternative options considered and rejected.
  • Conflicts of interest declared by any Cabinet Member consulted by the decision maker which relates to the decision.
  • Dispensations granted (if any).
  • Reports considered.

Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by Council officers.

Officer decisions
Title Date
(R&E) Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Section 53 Schedule 14 Application for the Upgrade of an Existing Public Footpath - Pingle Lane to Hollings Lane in the Parish of Ravenfield 09/09/2019
(CX) Flag Protocol – Flying of Royal Air Forces Standard at Rotherham Town Hall 05/09/2019
(R&E) Flood Defence and Enabling Works, Forge Island, Rotherham 02/09/2019
(ACHPH) Sexual Health Strategy for Rotherham (Refresh 2019-2020) 30/08/2019
(ACHPH) Award of Contract - Employment Pathways for people with a Learning Disability 29/08/2019
(R&E) Disposal of freehold interest - former Rotherham Community Transport Hub at Erskine Road, Eastwood, Rotherham 29/08/2019
(R&E) Public Path Extinguishment Order, Highways Act 1980, Section 118, Rotherham Borough Council, Bridleway No 1 (Part) in the Parish of Orgreave, Public Path Extinguishment Order 2019 29/08/2019
(R&E) Internal Review - The Pitches, Wickersley Road, Rotherham 21/08/2019
(ACHPH) Rotherham Intermediate Care and Reablement 30/07/2019
(R&E) Designated Disabled Persons Parking Space - Dale Road, Rawmarsh 25/07/2019
(FCS) Determination of request for Flexible Retirement 23/07/2019
(FCS) Determination of requests for compulsory redundancy 23/07/2019