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Officer decisions

Officers exercise delegated decision making powers in respect of both non-executive and executive functions of the Council.

The present Scheme of Delegation from the Leader of the Council, which sets out how executive functions will be discharged, provides for delegated decision making by officers. Appendix 9 of the Constitution sets out the non-executive functions delegated to officers. All executive functions, other than those reserved by Cabinet, may be discharged by officers.

The Chief Executive and Strategic Directors of the Council have established their own sub-schemes of delegation detailing which and how both non-executive and executive functions will be discharged on behalf of the authority.

Decision records for the discharge of functions by officers are published below. These decision records set out the following information:-

  • Date of the decision.
  • Decision maker name and job title.
  • Specific delegated power (if any).
  • Brief description of the decision.
  • Reasons for the decision.
  • Details of alternative options considered and rejected.
  • Conflicts of interest declared by any Cabinet Member consulted by the decision maker which relates to the decision.
  • Dispensations granted (if any).
  • Reports considered.

Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by Council officers.

Officer decisions
Title Date
(R&E) Disposal of flood damaged objects from the Museum Collection 20/06/2019
(FCS) Determination of compulsory redundancies 18/06/2019
(FCS) Determination of compulsory redundancy 18/06/2019
(R&E) Approval of Tender for the construction of a new 2 form entry school at Waverley 18/06/2019
(R&E) YORbuild2 Framework - Extension 17/06/2019
(R&E) Petition requesting road humps, 20mph speed limit and weight limit restriction at Nickerwood Drive, Aston 17/06/2019
(R&E) Management of Roadside Memorials 12/06/2019
(R&E) Rotherham Borough Council, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Section 53, Definitive Map Modification Order, Addition of Footpath No’s 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 in the Parish of Wickersley, 2019. 12/06/2019
(R&E) Rotherham Borough Council, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Definitive Map Modification Order, The Creation of Bridleway No 11 in the Parish of Thorpe Salvin 2019 12/06/2019
(R&E) Approval of 'Borough Fairs' in 2019 10/06/2019
(ACX) Consultation and Engagement Policy 07/06/2019
(R&E) Strategic Aquisition of 74-76 Westgate, Rotherham 05/06/2019
(R&E) Forge Island Agreement for Lease and Lease 03/06/2019
(R&E) Approval of RCP4 (Rotherham Construction Partnership) Framework 03/06/2019
(ACX) Refreshed Performance Management Framework 2018/20 23/05/2019
(R&E) Rawmarsh St Anne’s Primary School - Award of Contract 23/05/2019
(FCS) Determination of requests for flexible retirement 07/05/2019
(FCS) Determination of requests for flexible retirement 07/05/2019
(CYPS) Sub-Scheme of Delegation - Children and Young People's Services 01/05/2019
(ACHPH) Sub-Scheme of Delegation - Adult Care, Housing and Public Health 01/05/2019
(R&E) Persistent evaders and the number of outstanding penalty charge notices to qualify for the immobilisation and removal of vehicles 26/04/2019